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Relieve Stress with Easy-2

Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Easy-2 stop smoking auricular therapy kits act
upon the pressure point in the ear known as the
shenmen which when stimulated is reputed to
produce the endorphins you receive when smoking
a cigarette. This stimulation removes the desire
and consequently the need to smoke and over time
the link between smoking and satisfying your
craving will be severed. Easy-2 allows you to take
control and kick the smoking habit in as little as 30
days. This could be less as it is generally known
that even the strongest habits formed over many
years can be totally eradicated in around 21 days.

Products such as Nicotine patches and gum will not
interfere with the wearing of your auricular
magnetic device.

Benefits of Easy-2 products:
Are totally safe, no side effects
Produce no withdrawal effects or new
habits experienced
Require no Repeat prescriptions
Require no visits to therapists or chemists
Based on therapy proven over hundreds
of years
Are discreetly worn or carried when not
in use
“You” apply when needed to balance
your stress
Start your new life by
controlling your stress levels